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Business Application Form

Workforce Requirements for the Project

Year National Male National Female Expatriates Male Expatriates Female Total

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  1. Business Application form fully completed by the applicant.

  2. A copy of identification documents (Passport, Residence Card / Identity Card for citizens).

  3. A Business Plan of the Project including timeline.
    In case the project is industrial, an initial technical report on the manufacturing methods and techniques that will be used in the project and methods of waste treatment/disposal shall be attached.

  4. Full set of Commercial Registration documents including Authorized Signatory Sheet & Licensed Activity Sheet.

  5. Power of Attorney in the case of a consortium/partnership, including a brief of consortium partners and the copy of relevant MOU.

  6. Profile/CVs of the investor/applicant.

  7. Latest Audited Financial Statements of the investor for 2 years, or the latest Networth Statement issued not earlier than 6 months of the application.

  8. Manpower Recruitments Plan/Statement.

  9. Social Responsibility Plan/Statement.

  10. Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Plan/Statement.

  11. Deposit Slip / Transfer Advice as Poof of Payment (OMR 150/- (USD.400/-) of application fee

    Account Name: Oman Logistics Company SAOC | Bank Account No: 3106-384232-500 | Bank Name: Oman Arab Bank Swift Code : OMABOMRU | Post Box.2010, P.C: 112, Ruwi | Branch: Al Qurum Branch, Sultanate of Oman Tel: +968 24754703 | Fax: 968 24566145

* In case the company is based outside the Sultanate, the aforementioned documents must be certified in accordance with international norms (as applicable).

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