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About Khazaen

Khazaen, a hidden treasure, awaits you to discover its magnificent offerings, providing a unique opportunity to invest and live in a strategic central location in the Sultanate of Oman, and the Gulf Region. Khazaen provides the ideal location for a logistics hub, complemented with a Smart City that is unprecedented in Oman.

Why Khazaen?

Have you ever imagined a world-class Logistics City located in the heart of the Sultanate of Oman? A place where industrial, business, educational and luxury residential facilities are provided, which are complemented by centers of higher education and learning. Well imagine no more as Khazaen is all about the above and much more! Served by major transportation infrastructure such as the Batinah Expressway, Oman Rail, and the Muscat International Airport, Khazaen is the ideal logistics, warehousing, light industrial and commercial hub linking the main modes of transportation in and out of Oman.

Khazaen is envisioned to become one of the fundamental pillars of this flourishing economy. Oman looks forward to its logistics future through this integrated city. The flexibility and efficiency of measures are important attraction factors in this city. Spanning over an area of 95 million square meters, there are practical and integrated solutions that Khazaen offers in four general sectors: the logistics sector - including its land port, the light industries sector, the commercial sector for ​​financial management, business and services, and the residential sector, including related educational, health and leisure services.

Developed by the Oman Logistics Company S.A.O.C (OLCo), Khazaen represents a new and innovative style to work and live, at the same time respecting the rich Omani heritage.

Welcome to Khazaen… The City of inspiration….

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