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Our Brands

Composition: The logo design contains several elements combined to form an icon reflecting the identity of the city. It contains three elements; the first one is the city name in Arabic and English, the second one is the four triangles on the left side, and, the third one is the three triangles that form the letter K.

City Name: After an effective analysis and following systematic stages the City name, "Khazaen" was finalized. Khazaen expresses the project's entity representing a Treasury that contains the important dimensions of economic, social and recreational objectives. The logo was developed to reflect the existing trends to create an integrated package of services that stands alongside with the other packages in the Sultanate. It derives its spirit from the leadership abilities of the people of Oman in the Sultanate's history, in sailing, trade and openness to the world as well as the continuous interaction with people from all nations, with the assistance of modern technology and exploring future visions.

The four triangles: The four triangles to the left represent the four components of the City. These components embody the areas of logistics, business, tourism and residential, in addition to the nature of startup, leading to acceleration, continuity and dynamism, by which "Khazaen" will be characterized.

The triangles forming the letter K: Khazaen being the integrated services city emphasizing the creation of sustainability programs in terms of environmental protection, recycling and the production of alternative energy, the logo was derived from the three components of Nature being land, water and air. By adding these three component in a symbolic manner, the letter K was derived, which is also the first letter of the word Khazaen in English.

The used fonts: The font style is simple and easy to comprehend, thus signifies straightforwardness which is an attractive factor for investors.

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