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Truck Station

Our vision is to build best-in-class integrated Truck Rest Areas that significantly improve parking, rest and other support facilities for local and international trucks operating in Oman in order to meet the following objectives:

  • To provide integrated one-stop facilities for drivers and their trucks that address all their key requirements, including parking, rest, maintenance, spare parts outlets, retail and other services.
  • To ensure that the facilities are best in class, environmentally friendly and adapted to the local needs and requirements.
  • To streamline truck parking and improve road safety.
  • To secure private sector involvement for building and operating the facilities at its own cost and using its own resources.
  • To ensure that the truck rest area complies with MOTC’s Highway Design Standards and Khazaen’s Development Guidelines and Rules & Regulations.
  • To serve as a standard prototype for future truck rest areas.
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Truck Station