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Services Form

The following Service Forms are available to registered investors at Khazaen. The forms will be moved to an electronic format (online portal) in the future.

KSF 1 Truck Permit Permitting trucks to access Khazaen and avail the parking facilities.
KSF 2 Employee Permit Permitting employees working at Khazaen to access the bonded areas.
KSF 3 Cargo In/Out Request Permitting the flow of cargo in/out of the bonded area.
KSF 4 Man Power Permit for Expatriates Permitting the issuance of residency visa and residency cards for expatriates working in Khazaen registered companies.
KSF 5 Environmental Permit Obtaining the Environmental Permit for construction and/or operation activities.
KSF 6 Water Connection Permit Permitting investors to connect to the water network.
KSF 7 Electrical Connection Permit Permitting investors to connect to the electrical grid.
KSF 8 Telcom Connection Permit Permitting investors to connect to the telecommunications network.
KSF 9 Regional Municipalities and Water Resources Service Request Facilitating permissions for MRM&WS related approvals (such as bore wells, water flows, groundwater, landscaping, dams, engineering drawing approvals, street-lighting etc.)
KSF 10 Building Permit for Digging/Demolishing and/or New Construction Permitting any construction works on Khazaen plots related to digging/demolishing and/or the construction of new buildings or structures.

NOTE: For KSF 5 – KSF 9, investors have the option of directly contacting the respective approval authorities, or to go through the Khazaen One-Stop-Shop which will facilitate the same.

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