The Project will serve as a one -stop hub for the retail, wholesale, and storage of fruits & vegetables, fish & meat in Oman. The project will consolidate importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, logistic service providers and consumers in one central destination, to create a destination for all food related service.


The Food City is an integral part of the vision of Khazaen Economic City to develop a state-of-the-art cluster that can accommodate Food related industries, offering an attractive location for businesses affiliated to food industry to be part of an ecosystem that combines service provides, wholesalers, growers, and logistics operators, furthermore, creating an integrated solution to a promising sector in Oman. In the aim to fulfill National food security agenda and enhance the value chain in the food industry, Khazaen has created a dedicated cluster for business and activities related to the food industry, by developing Oman’s newest Central Fruit and Vegetables market, acting as corner stone, enabler and a trading platform for fresh produce and logistics services and a source of raw materials.

Khazaen Fruit & Vegetable Central Market:

The market will provide world-class infrastructure and facilities and adopt best international practices in infrastructure development, storage, packaging, handling, transportation, parking, and value-added services. The central market will also provide complete warehousing and cold storage logistics solutions for multiple products such as fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat.

    • One-stop hub for the retail and wholesale of fruits, vegetables in Oman by consolidating importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers in one central destination.
    • World-class infrastructure and facilities toreplace the Mawaleh central fruit and vegetable market  as the Government has decided to have only one central fruit and vegetable market to be in Khazaen and convert the existing Mawaleh market into a retail only souq.
    • Development of more than 800,000 sqm area  in Khazaen in phases.


Cold and Dry stores

Main wholesales halls

Truck sales area

Shaded areas for
sorting and sale of
onions and potatoes

Agricultural inspetion

Office spaces for

Forklifts service

Electrical charging

Vegetables and fruits
sorting yards

Gates for customs

Laboratory for testing
agricultural samples

Multiple gates for entry
of trucks